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✔ Hypnotherapy

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Support For Emotions

With the assistance of a skilled therapist, you can navigate life’s choices more effectively by uncovering your optimal mindset.

Behaviour and Living Patterns

Together, we work to strengthen your boundaries and enhance your self-assurance, empowering you to rediscover your self-value and cultivate valuable self-esteem.

You possess the ability to achieve success!


If you’re seeking a highly effective, accredited, and dependable hypnotherapy service in Paisley, I’m here to assist you. Through clinical hypnosis, I customize each client’s treatment to suit their individual needs. This approach consistently enables many individuals to attain their desired outcomes in a relaxed, effortless, and timely manner.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation and personalized one-on-one therapy sessions. Now, it’s your opportunity to share the support you’re seeking and gain insight into how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can empower you to achieve optimal results.

Believe in Yourself: Hypnotherapy Sessions


Many of us encounter emotional and mental challenges at some stage in life. I’m here to assist you in tackling these issues through hypnotherapy, a highly effective method for breaking negative thought patterns and habits. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, stress, anger management, confidence-building, or smoking cessation, hypnotherapy in Scotland could be the support you’ve been seeking. The ability to overcome these challenges lies within you – let me help you unleash it.

Regression Therapy: Exploring Previous Experiences


Addressing issues like anxiety, depression, or relationship challenges typically starts with uncovering their underlying causes. Regression hypnotherapy enables you to delve into past lives, facilitating the identification of these root causes. This newfound clarity and comprehension can serve as a significant stride toward overcoming these obstacles.

Effective Communication: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy


At my therapy center located in Paisley, I offer NLP therapy aimed at illuminating both conscious and subconscious thought patterns that impact your mood and behavior. Through this therapeutic approach, I can assess your challenges and enhance creativity, problem-solving abilities, and aid in overcoming emotional obstacles.

Hypnotherapy Sessions


Transforming yourself requires willingness, self-assurance, and tapping into your inherent power. Achieve desired improvements through hypnotherapy by directing your focus and activating change.

I can assist you with:

– Disrupting negative patterns and altering undesirable behaviors
– Addressing phobias and overcoming fears
– Navigating personal hurdles
– Alleviating stress and anxiety
– Managing anger
– Improving sleep quality / Addressing – insomnia
– Enhancing self-esteem and personal growth
– Attaining individual goals
– Smoking cessation

Past Life Exploration Sessions


Regression is a hypnosis-based method utilized to retrieve memories from previous incarnations. Hypnotherapy aids in uncovering personal narratives that contribute to self-awareness and understanding, shedding light on past life challenges that continue to impact you. In regression, akin to other hypnotherapy approaches, the client actively engages in the therapeutic process. As your hypnotherapist, I facilitate journeys back in time to uncover the root cause of present-day challenges you face, whether they pertain to anxiety, mood disorders, relationship struggles, phobias, or fears.

Reach out to me now for your complimentary consultation and schedule an appointment.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy


NLP therapy is designed to enhance communication between conscious and subconscious mental processes, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. As an NLP therapist, I assist clients in comprehending their psychological and behavioral patterns, emotional states, and aspirations. Through an assessment of individual concerns, I guide individuals in identifying and reinforcing their strengths while developing new strategies to replace ineffective ones.

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